Paranormal Flux Logo 2015


IPA 'Irish Paranormal Activity' Logo

We started life in 2003 as IPA.
This stood for Irish Paranormal Activity. A small website, virtually the same as we are today. Containing little
pieces of information about paranormal activity, and also experiences from us and our readers. We’re not big but we
are enthusiastic. We then changed our name to Irish Paranormal to shorten things and to allow us to register the
domain name. Unfortunately, we encountered some technical problems across the ‘quick-flick’ websites. We were unable to continue as was. Many of the sub-domains were wound down as a result and the website was rested for a few months in 2007. In 2008 we were once again active and in the beginning of 2009 we updated some information and included some video footage. Going under the ‘quick-flick Paranormal’ name we came back hoping to update more often. For more information about the origins of ‘quick-flick’ please visit our old website HERE

For clarity purposes we now use the name Paranormal Flux to avoid any confusion over the use of the ‘quick-flick’ name. Flux will continue our interests in all things paranormal and will expand according to our capabilities. Everything ‘quick-flick’ related is being brought under the ‘The Bombe Films’ name and identity.