Haunted Locations

This page contains the information from our popular ‘Haunted Locations’ list that has appeared in all versions of our website. We have recently added to and expanded on content there. See also our video ‘Walkthroughs’ beside the thumbnail of the location. Where a video walkthrough is available the link will be added.

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Antrim Castle Antrim Castle Antrim Castle or Massereene Castle was erected in stages between 1610 and 1666. It was destroyed in 1922 in a fire and finally demolished in the 1970s. There are some ruins that remain. One servant, a young local named Ethel Gilligan, although rescued from the flames, later died as a result of her injuries. Her ghost has been seen walking in Castle Gardens, and amidst the ruins of the castle before its demolition and is known as the ‘White Lady’
Ballygally Hotel Ballygally Castle Hotel This is where the famous ghost of Lady Isabella Brisbane is said to haunt. The great looking place is supposed to be the only 17th century building in Northern Ireland , which is still being used as a residence. It has also recently been refurbished. You can stay in the tower where Lady Isabella’s ghost is resident.
Cairndhu House Cairndhu House This former convalescent home, is supposed to eventually become a hotel, but are there really ghosts lingering around the place? Much has been written about its deteriorating state. Lets hope it turns out nice. A few ghosts might be good for business.

Carrick Castle

Carrickfergus Castle This is a very famous local landmark. I quote from their website “It appears first in the official English records in 1210 when the notorious King John laid siege to it and took control of what was then Ulster’s premier strategic garrison.” *WALKTHROUGH* Please click HERE to visit our youtube channel and see a video walkthrough of this location. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE.

Dobbins Inn Hotel

Dobbins Inn This 13th century Carrickfergus premises is steeped in local history.  As they say on their website “Don’t leave without hearing the sad 17th century tale of Maud and Button cap.”
Dunluce Castle Dunluce Castle Not much left of this ancient building, but well worth a visit. Interesting history and some paranormal encounters. *WALKTHROUGH* Please click HERE to visit our youtube channel and see a video walkthrough of this location. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE.
The Empire The Empire Bar, Belfast Now we know for sure there are spirits here. This church turned bar is a famous local  entertainment haven. It is also supposed to be haunted.
Gill Hall Gill Hall, Dromore, County Down Originating between 1670 and 1680 this was once one of Ireland’s most haunted buildings. The house was almost completely destroyed in a fire in 1969. Unfortunately it was so badly damaged, it was destroyed by the TA (Territorial Army) shortly after.
Glenarm Castle Glenarm Castle, County Antrim Tracing back to 1260 this is another wonderful building with a fascinating history.
Grace Neills Grace Neills
The oldest pub in Ireland. Need I say more?
Hall's Brush Factory Hall’s Brush Factory (RJ HALL) The building is part of a small industrial estate on Wilson Street, off Castle Court. Beside Millfield. *WALKTHROUGH* Please click HERE to visit our youtube channel and see a video walkthrough of this location. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE.
Harland And Wolff Harland and Wolff (Belfast, Northern Ireland) This place hardly needs an introduction.  Especially as it is the 100th Anniversary this year. In case you hadn’t heard! Yet you’d be surprised how many international visitors didn’t realise that this is where the Titanic was built. So many ghosts, so many strories…
Killyleagh Castle Killyleagh Castle Killyleagh Castle dates from 1180 and claims to be the oldest inhabited castle in Ireland.
Kinbane Castle Kinbane/Kenbane Castle “The Castle was built about 1546 on long narrow limestone promontory running out to the sea.”
LMS Station Hotel Midland Building (former LMS Station Hotel)York Street, Belfast Once a grand hotel this old building is now an office. But one with character and some ghosts. Laurel and Hardy aparently stayed here. *WALKTHROUGH* Please click HERE to visit our youtube channel and see an HD video walkthrough of this location. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE.
Ballycastle Monastary (also known as Bonamargy Friary) Ballycastle Monastary (also known as Bonamargy Friary)Remains of a Franciscan Friary founded in 1485 by Rory MacQuillan. And not much more to report. If you visit this place and experience anything paranormal get in touch with us. *WALKTHROUGH* Please click HERE to visit our youtube channel and see a video walkthrough of this location. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE.
Mossley Mill Mossley Mill The old mill produced several materials over the years such as cotton. It now comprises of a fully refurbished complex containing a Civic Centre, Museum and Theatre.
Poundstretcher Larne Poundstretcher Store, Larne Ghosts don’t care where they haunt, the fact that its a busy shop won’t deter them from spooking staff and customers. Maybe they are ‘Bargain Haunters’ (oh… Sorry). We have  been down to the store in Larne. Jonny took his camera and spoke to some of the staff. *UPDATE* Sadly, the Poundstretcher business has moved from here and the building is now empty. Who knows what’s next for this haunted space. We’ve been back down to try and find out.
Queens University Belfast Queen’s University Belfast Students definitely get up to a lot of activity but we are assured that some of what goes on at this well known University can be blamed on  ghosts.
Rex Bar Rex Bar, Shankill Road, Belfast

Rathlin Island pic by Dawn

Rathlin Island, County Antrim
Rathlin is the only inhabited offshore island in Northern Ireland, with a rising population of now just over 100 people. We have heard of ghost stories and are keen to find out more.*pic courtesy of Dawn (aka Flickr’s ButterstickLover‘)
Yorkgate Railway Station Yorkgate Railway Station, York Street , Belfast This is a newer railway station which replaced a much older one. It is fully functional. The ghost of a man killed during the construction, is said by staff to haunt the place from time to time.
Springhill Springhill House This is a National Trust property and it has its own ghost story.