Cairndhu House

By Beka Bee
Well, where do I start? A brief history lesson would be Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon bought the house in 1918, during WW2 the house was used as a war hospital. In 1947 the house was then donated to the health authority and turned into a convalescent home which was its last none purpose. In 1986 it closed its doors after experiencing funding difficulties.
This brings us to the present day. Cairndhu is extremely run down and very dangerous. The lead has been stolen from the roof causing any rain fall to come right through the house. Inside the house is completely bare, all fixtures and fittings are long since gone. It is in such disrepair that the main stair case has now collapsed and lies on the ground floor ad midst rubble and dirt. Most of the second floor is soon to collapse. I would NOT recommend anyone going into the house as you may not come out!
Spooky Cairndhu by Beka Bee
Cairndhu has its ghost stories. I’ve been in the building a lot and know the layout very well. I’ve experienced some activity on numerous occasions, one such visit during the day I was in the house for approximately 45 mins and had covered every room on the bottom floor. It was only myself and one other person present at the time, whom was beside me. We had walked through the ball room and we were standing at the top corridor (the house is pitch black due to the windows being bricked up) we then heard an unmerciful bang, as if
someone had thrown a heavy metal radiator behind us in the ballroom. We turned off our torches and held our breaths in fear! Two minutes passed which seem like 10 hours! I shouted out, “hello”. Silence came back… A few seconds later we could hear someone walking through rubble coming towards us with conviction and I could hear clothing moving from their swishing arms.
There was nothing else for it; I was making a run for it. The only way out was towards where the footsteps were coming from, but I took my chances.
We got to the front door in the safety of daylight. We waited, we listened. No more noises from within. I thought to myself, if this is a person they will want to come out as we are locking the door! We waiting another few minutes and locked up and drove out. The person I was with was a sceptic, after that day they certainly had food for thought.
What or who do I think it was? I don’t know, but I’m certain there wasn’t another breathing body in Cairndhu that day. Whatever it was didn’t want us there and made sure we left!
I haven’t been in a hurry back since!

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